Mohammad Ali Moslehifar, Ph.D

Trust Management Specialist

Dr. Mohammad Ali Moslehifar is a PhD holder from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (Language Academy). He completed hisMaster’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Faculty of Education.His major research interests are not limited to Teaching English only. He is an specialist in trust management. His Doctoral Dissertation was on Language and Communication with reference to Discourse Analysis; specifically constructing trust in the area of Health Communication. The focus of his Master’s thesis was on the needs analysis with specific reference to the English Language Oral Communication Needs of Human Resource Development Undergraduates and Managers at Workplace in Malaysia.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Moslehifar has published and presented several scholarly articles; particularly on assessing the quality of websites, trust construction on Medical Tourism Websites, and English Language Needs Analysis, which indicate his interest in the interdisciplinary areas such as Discourse Analysis, Trust Management, Health Communication, Media Communication, Professional Communication with a specific interest in TESL.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Moslehifar has been active in the field of training and education development for more than ten years. He began his teaching career as an English Language Trainer from 2004 at several English Language Institutes in Iran. He also rolled as an English Language Trainer in Ministry of Energy – Fars High Educational and Research Complex in Iran, where he was responsible for teaching and developing English Language Courses for Adults Education. In addition, he has given several master of ceremonies talks at seminars and conferences. He has also rolled as the president of Postgraduate Students – Language Academy for three years, which he was actively involved in organizing workshops and structured courses for Postgraduate Students of Language Academy. Building on his experience of leading and developing academic programs,He has been serving as an educational advisor in SW company in Korea since November 2017. He currently serves as a Head of International Programmes at AMN Inspire Training and Consultancy, and is a Malaysian Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) certified trainer.