Abdullah Mohd Nawi, Ph.D

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Dr Abdullah Mohd Nawi is the Founder and CEO of AMN Inspire Training & Consultancy, and also the Assistant Dean (External & Global Engagement), Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Born in Manchester, England, Abdullah grew up bilingual with two native languages, in both Malaysia and the UK.

Abdullah has a Ph.D in Education from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and has vast experience teaching and training language and communication spanning more than 15 years in three countries – UK, Malaysia and New Zealand. He is also a Malaysian Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) certified trainer.

Passionate about teaching, Abdullah, or Dr. A as he is fondly know by his students and clients, has taught thousands of students from across all age groups, from primary to tertiary education, to high-flying corporate ex ecutives. Among those he has trained are officers in the Royal Malaysian Navy, Fed Ex (Malaysia), and teachers from every district in Johor State.

Apart from teaching, Abdullah is a master communicator in his own right, having given speeches in international events locally and abroad, emceeing high level international events, moderating forums, interviewing celebrities, and having won national level debating championships.

Abdullah was formerly the Deputy Director of UTM Corporate Affairs, with his portfolio being in Corporate Communications and Branding. To date, he has worked with various organisations and educational institutions on clarifying their and solidifying their brands, including the Department of Polytechnic and Community Colleges, under the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia; and the Connecting ASIA, a prominent research network responsible for high impact conferences throughout the world.


Ph.D (Education), University of Canterbury, New Zealand

M.Ed (TESL), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

B.Ed (TESL) (Hons.), University of Exeter, United Kingdom

HRDF Certified Trainer (Cert. No: 5986)


  1. High-Performance Communication (Specialising in Presentation Skills and Public Speaking)
  2. Charisma development
  3. Interpersonal-skills training
  4. Offline & Online Communication
  5. Corporate & University Branding
  6. Corporate Communications
  7. English language proficiency (General English, English for Specific Purposes)
  8. Personal Coaching