1. The Drama Body Language Blueprint for the Workplace

Have you ever wondered why some people at work just seem to have the “X-factor”? They seem to tick all the right boxes - the co-workers like them, the bosses like them, they can be cool under pressure, and nothing seems to faze them? What are the things they do that makes people see them that way?
This book is a blueprint of the fundamental skills of body language developed by techniques that actors use in drama, and can be applied by anyone to gain an edge when dealing with other people, especially at the workplace.

Learn how to be more confident, how to assert yourself, or how to navigate complex social situations, by learning the skills and techniques found in this blueprint.
All it takes is an hour or so of your time.

Read the sample of the book now to start your journey to confidence and success at the workplace today!

Sample of book

Read the overview of the book, and begin your journey towards body language mastery now!