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Welcome to AMN Inspire, a consultancy that provides training and optimisation solutions for public speaking, staff training, company branding, corporate communication and executive coaching, among others. At the heart of our business is our core value, that we aim to inspire!

Leveraging on the expertise of UTM Consultants, we offer personalised training and coaching programmes to suit you and your organisation, from lectures to a full hall of 500 participants to smaller corporate training classes of 20 participants, to one-to-one coaching for the executive. Your needs form the foundation of our training and consultancy.

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What We Offer



You can now harness the expertise of our expert trainers to train your organisation, to maximise their efficiency, productivity, and even overall happiness and job satisfaction.

We currently offer training in the areas below:

  1. High-Performance Communication (Specialising in Presentation Skills and Public Speaking)
  2. English language proficiency (General English, English for Specific Purposes)
  3. Corporate Branding

Soon we will expand our services to include courses and workshop on Storytelling to Sell, Organisational Trust Management, and Team-building.



We understand that there are some processes that just cannot be rushed, and that some skills cannot be trained in a single day or two. That is why we offer short, mid and long-term consultancy to areas such communication training and corporate branding. The crux of the matter is consistent - clarify your message and make sure that you know how to present yourself to your customers and clients so that they know who you are and what you are about.



The absolute best way to learn anything - One to One Coaching with our CEO and Master Trainer Dr Abdullah. In these coaching sessions your needs and existing abilities have been meticulously analysed, and a personalised coaching programme is tailor-made for you alone. Personal One to One Coaching can cover areas such as English language skills, High Performance Communication, and Developing Presence - skills that would make one a formidable leader and communicator.

Our Story

From the desk of the CEO

Throughout my experience in the teaching and training industry, I noticed that there were people who i) could not communicate well and knew it; ii) could not communicate well but thought that they could; and iii) could communicate well and knew that they could.

The first group are fortunate to be aware of their limitations, and to do something about it. Many went for courses, though felt that they still had not experienced much improvement. Many more suffered in silence, ashamed to admit that they had not paid particular attention to developing their language skills in school, and wished they had some way to learn good commnication as adults.

What these unfortunate souls needed was a mentor, teacher, and coach, who understood who they were, and what they needed as individuals and professionals. I have gained so much pleasure in working with this group of people at different levels, from the general office workers who want to better themselves, to busy executives who want to gain more confidence in their ability to communicate, especially in English.

The second group are blissfully unaware of their poor communication skills, being able to speak adequately, but lack the ability to engage and inspire audiences. They are dull and boring, and their communication lacks impact. As academics this group focuses on facts, and not human interest. As speakers they are unengaging and uninspiring, giving dull speeches and boring presentations. As businesspeople they lack a connection with their clients.

AMN Inspire Training and Consultancy was born with a single goal in mind - helping people become better communicators who engage and inspire themselves and others. With our signature High Performance Communication courses and workshops, clients are mentored and guided through how to become great communicators through improving their language ability - especially in English, using the power of voice techniques to influence people and win them over, harnessing the power of body language, and so much more.

Let us work with you and your organisation, and together work towards engaging and inspiring others!

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